Sabermetrics: A Dirty Word In The Royals Organization

Posted: 24th September 2009 by Adam Bernacchio in MLB
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Advanced statistics or “sabermetrics” such as FIP, WAR, OPS, BABIP, and UZR have become as common in baseball as RBI and ERA. People like Bill James have written books on top of books on the subject of advanced statistics. Sites like Fangraphs, consistently produce content that delves deeper into a player’s performance. Teams like the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, and of course the Oakland A’s have entire divisions dedicated to producing advanced statistics on a player. I say “of course” for the A’s because it was in the book Moneyball that featured A’s GM Billy Beane where sabermetrics became mainstream. As for me, I think anyone who has read my blog on a consistent basis, knows I try to use a combination of sabermetrics and the ...

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