Prayer for a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan

Posted: 2nd October 2009 by Leroy Watson in MLB
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Dear God, á I donÆt know what to call you, but most faiths find it appropriate to refer to you as just ôGodö with a capital ôG,ö so I hope you can deal with that. I find that as I have grown older, I continue to acknowledge your existence, but I kinda think just about every form of worship known to man is just thatùa way for people to feel better about themselves, regardless of what You might think. á So IÆm just gonna keep it real with you here. IÆm not gonna cuss or anything like that, though; IÆm pretty sure you would find that disrespectful. á I was always taught as a child that You donÆt listen to trivial matters, but I read somewhere in one of the books that claims to be divine, the Bible, that I should throw all my burdens upon you, and you will support me, wonÆt let m ...

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Article written by Leroy Watson

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