Postmortem on the 2009 Red Sox.

Posted: 14th October 2009 by GetOutofMyBallpark in MLB
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I'm not a great eugooglizer, but bear with me. I'm only going to reference the giant kick to the testicles administered to me a few days ago by the now defunct 2009 Red Sox once. I will say that it was a good, if extremely frustrating season, one that could just as well have ended up in the garbage heap along with 2002, 2006, and pretty much the entire decade of the 1990s (hold your horses Mr. "what about 99."áThe Sox had no realistic shot in that series unless Pedro Martinez had been able to pitch seven times), or could have ended with guys like me diving into the river to get closer to the duck boats. What we got, as it turns out, is somewhere in the middle. A decent team that won 95 games, was streaky as all get out, and gave us more great memories at the start of the year than ...

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