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Some people like dogs. Some people only like big dogs. I don’t blame them. Big dogs are real dogs—a man’s dog. They eat a man-sized meal and take a man-sized crap. They can down a steak in one gulp and leave you a gift the size of a baseball glove when you screw up. Boston took one hell of a dookie on the Philadelphia Phillies. The pinstriped NL Pennant champs returned to the scene of their May skid hoping for a Groundhog Day, but got their bats handed to them on a Fenway platter. The trouble didn’t start with a Boston teammate with a catchy nickname like "Dice-K" or by letting a baseball villain called "The Knuckleballer" have his way with you. Not that letting a knuckleballer have their way with you is such a bad thing. You don’t ever know where it’s g ...

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