Philadelphia Phillies-Los Angeles Dodgers Game Two: Checkmate

Posted: 18th October 2009 by Flattish Poe in MLB
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One morning my kid wandered into the kitchen half asleep and accidentally sent my favorite coffee mug to its demise on my hard ceramic tiles. Okay, accidents happen. But this wasnÆt just any mug. This was a 32-ounce monstrous work of art I earned from an overpriced jousting show at the Excalibur in Las Vegas on one of our rare real vacations.

My first instinct was to flip, scream, holler, squawk, or fume, but forcing out my frustration through my potty mouth usually only results in something dribbling into my panties. So, I said the only thing that the powers-to-be would have allowed. á ôStuff happens.ö á ThatÆs exactly what the moral is to the NLCS game two loss to the Dodgers. á ôStuff happens.ö Checkmate. á Seinfeld had one word that summoned up his dislike of the de ...

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