Phil Cuzzi’s Call Friday Night Did Affect ALDS Game

Posted: 13th October 2009 by Steven Resnick in MLB
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Not only is it unbelievable to think that Phil Cuzzi's call did not effect the game on Friday night, but it also had another effect on baseball. Whether you like it or not Cuzzi's call did effect Friday night's game. Could the score have wound up the way it did? Yes. Could it have been differently? Yes. Was the call wrong? Absolutey! By now we knowáwhat the situation was. Joe Mauer was up hit a ball down the left field line that Melky Cabrera couldn't get toáandáwould have wound up with Mauer on second with a double.áCuzzi who had an excellent view of the play ruled that it was foul, yet the call was clearly wrong and replays confirmed that suspicion. Mauer ended up getting to first base with a single. Next batter was Jason Kubel who hit another single getting Mauer to second, and Mich ...

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Article written by Steven Resnick

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