Opportunity Finally Knocks for Brandon Wood

Posted: 28th December 2009 by Adam Bernacchio in MLB
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I have always tried to learn something from each job I have had. For example, I have learned two things from last job. First, I learned that even one of the biggest companies in the world can be dysfunctional. Then again, here is a life lesson for all you kids who are reading this who are still in college or just graduatedùall companies in Corporate America are dysfunctional. The second thing I learned is how to deal with change. People at my lastá company were being laid off or quitting daily. It was a constant revolving door. However, sometimes with change comes opportunity. When someone leaves a company or an organization, it opens the door for someone else. You feel bad to get an opportunity when someone else gets laid off, but that is just the way life is. For the Los Angeles Angel ...

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