Not Merely an Arms Race: Tim Lincecum Is More Than a Cy Young Winner

Posted: 15th September 2009 by Christopher Kamrani in MLB
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Sorry, Phat Albert.  My sincere apologies, Prince.  It has to be said. It just has to. So, here it goes. You ready? This'll feel a whole lot better once I get this off my chest.  Tim Lincecum could (or should) be the 2009 National League MVP.  OK, alright, fire away. Shoot. Let's have it. Let's hear it.  Yeah, I hear you. I do. I know Pujols is an irreparable machine of terror. I realize that he has less chinks in his armor than Vader himself.  I get it, everyone does.  I also hear the arguments all the way from Mr. Fielder down to Ryan Howard and back to Adrian Gonzalez. I can see where you're coming from.  But here's the thing, folks: You can gawk, absorb, and worship the enigma that is Albert Pujols. I do, at times. The guy's an absolute paradox i ...

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Article written by Christopher Kamrani

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