MLB Should Not Follow NCAA Football Realignment Lead

Posted: 14th June 2010 by Joseph DelGrippo in MLB
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The NCAA is powerless to stop the complete destruction of the Big 12. Nebraska has already joined the Big Ten (now the new Big 12 - or maybe Big 16 soon), and teams such as Texas, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and others could soon follow. Other teams are being courted by the Pac 10.   These big conferences are doing it for money, to create new rivalries, and gain leverage over other conferences with regards to bowl games and TV contracts (i.e. more money). Major League Baseball likes money too, and they are very good at earning a buck. With TV revenues at an all time high, and royalties galore, each team is making around $40 million before they sell one ticket. Estimated revenues in 2010 are $8 billion. With the team salaries of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox increasing via ...

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