MLB Fantasy Impact: Polanco, Scutaro, Fox and Zaun

Posted: 5th December 2009 by Eric Stashin in MLB
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There have been a few moves in recent days that have an impact on fantasy owners (not to mention the potentially major signing of Chone Figgins and the Mariners, which isnÆt ôofficialö yet, so I will wait for that before commenting).á LetÆs take a look and see which players have seen their value increase, decrease or remain stagnant due to their new locale: Placido Polanco signed with the Philadelphia Phillies - All fans of NL teams must be rejoicing.á Instead of adding another potential bat to an already deep lineup, they chose to go defense.á While Polanco may see a slight increase in power playing in Citizens Bank Ballpark (though his best HR/FB rate since 2005 is 5.2%), he likely wonÆt hit more than low double-digits.á Couple that with little speed and a solid, though unspec ...

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