MLB Closers: The Crazier, the Better

Posted: 15th May 2010 by Greg Eno in MLB
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Maybe someone with Ph.D. after their name can shed some light, but it sure seems like the pro sports specialist has an affinity for—and pardon my laymen’s term here—playing his game of life with something less than a full deck. There’s the hockey goalie, whose career at said position surely must have started as either the loser of a bet or because all the regular sticks were taken. For no one with all 52 cards would volunteer to be pelted with discs of vulcanized rubber being fired upon them at speeds that would make a Lamborghini blush. Glenn Hall, the Hall of Fame netminder who broke into the NHL with the Red Wings in the early-1950s, holds the league record for consecutive games played, with 502. Which makes it easy to calculate the number of consecutive upch ...

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