Minnesota Twins Catch Lightning in a Bottle, Look To Strike Yanks

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Dan McArdle in MLB
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For a venue so roundly chastised for being aácumbersome, noisyáhost for baseball all these years, the Baggy Dome is poised for one more awkward dance. The Minnesota Twins guaranteed at least one more game of baseball in the old facility, giving a raucous-turned-tense home crowd reason to exhale,ácheer and wave their Homer HankiesálateáTuesday night with an extra-innings victory against the Detroit Tigers. In the same uphill fashionáas they chased down the Detroit Tigers in the AL Central Division standings, the pride of the Twin Cities put off victory untiláthe 11th hourùor was it the 12th?ùwinning the rare 163rd regular season game and turning their sights to the iconic New York Yankees. In the bottom of the 12th inning, facing Detroit closer Fernando Rodney, Alexi Casillaáslapp ...

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Article written by Dan McArdle

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