Meet the Mutts!: A Real Plan for Making the New York Mets Respectable

Posted: 10th November 2009 by Michael Cohen in MLB
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While fans throughout New York City and Northern New Jersey celebrate the 27th World Championship of the New York Yankees, there is a strong and awful odor coming from somewhere nearby. People stop in the streets, sniff the air, put that "this-is-gross"-look on their faces, try to hide their noses underneath their shirts, and move as quickly as possible to a car or building, anything that will protect them from the smell of rotten eggs in burning garbage. The smell wafts across the streets of Manhattan, terrorizing the people like a Godzilla stomping the citizens of Tokyo. The smell stretches across New Jersey, causing people to run through the streets crashing onto the hoods of cars pleading for help, and jumping through windows like people trying to avoid a gas attack. From whence is tha ...

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Article written by Michael Cohen

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