Major League Baseball and the Golden Age of Radio

Posted: 12th June 2010 by J. Conrad Guest in MLB
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If you’re reading these words, chances are—like me—you’re a baseball lover.   You may be a proponent of the designated hitter rule (I’m not), you may enjoy high-scoring four-hour marathons (I prefer low-scoring pitching duels that are played in under two-and-a-half hours), and you may think Ruth the greatest player of all time (I could give you a half-dozen reasons why Cobb is).   But I’d wager that what draws us both to this beautiful game is simply the sound of the ball hitting a bat: crrraaack!   Basketball has squeaking sneakers, hockey the sound of skates hissing across ice, football the sound that results from a running back lowering his shoulders to hit a linebacker plugging the hole through which he needs to pass in order to find ...

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