Los Angeles Dodgers: Don’t Get Carried Away

Posted: 14th September 2009 by kensai in MLB
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Enjoy the wins, bathe in the glory, but take it all with a grain of salt.

We are quick to say Juan Pierre's September struggles (.167/.348/.167/.515) were expected because he's simply not that good. Yet, I wonder why we are so quick to fabricate reasons for James Loney's September boon (.390/.444/.634/1.078). A part of me believes we are just doing the opposite of all the Chad Billingsley haters that we are quick to dismiss. After all, regression to the mean works both ways.

No, I'm not writing this to be a kill joy. However, I am saying not to let the September emotion infringe on rational thought. Sorry, but Loney still isn't even better than he was last year. No, Jon Garland is not a "solid No. 2". No, Vicente Padilla does not have "ace-like qualities". N ...

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