Let’s See That Again: Replay in Major League Baseball

Posted: 27th November 2009 by Jason Lempert in MLB
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Fair or foul? Safe or out? Home run or in play? These are some of the critical questions that umpires in Major League Baseball are faced with several times in a game, all season long. Over the past few seasons, much had been made about implementing a video replay review in baseball (similar to the NFL and NHL). In the summer of 2008, the leaders of MLB deemed it acceptable to have instant replay in the game, but only to determine whether a ball was hit out of the park, or if it was still in play.á And so far, it has been pretty successful, I think. But I still feel there is a way to improve this feature in baseball.á I have had this suggestion since instant replay was put into the game, almost two seasons ago, and I think it still warrants review (pun intended). My suggestio ...

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