Left-Handed Complement: Cubs Have Stockpile of Southpaw Slingers

Posted: 22nd November 2009 by Matt Trueblood in MLB
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When it comes down to numbers, right-handed pitchers have an easier go of it in Major League Baseball. Only about one-quarter of all batters in the league hit left-handed, meaning right-handed pitchers can expect to have the platoon advantage over 75 percent of the hitters they face (removing the admittedly estimable impact of tactical maneuvering). Lefties, however, always seem to garner the most attention when it comes time to construct or evaluate a team's pitching staff. Theory says (and the logic is sound) that having at least two or three southpaw pitchers on the Major League roster allows a manager to carefully maximize the team's advantage over opponent hitters, by making copious late-game switches to leverage platoon situations. Most teams strive to have at least one left-handed a ...

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Article written by Matt Trueblood

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