Jason Heyward: Tempering the Expectations

Posted: 3rd April 2010 by Cameron Britt in MLB
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I am not trying to be a buzz kill. I am not anti-Heyward. I am not doubting the Braves' decision to start the McDonough Manchild out in right field. I am, however, saying what I think needs to be said. Jason Heyward is a rookie . Not so dramatic there, was it? There is zero doubt that Jason Heyward earned his spot on the Opening Day roster with his more-than-solid Spring Training. How could you deny an .846 OPS and more hype than that movie with all of the blue people (you know, Avatar )? I know I couldn't . But fans need to keep their panties on when J-Hey hits that inevitable 0-for-(some number with two digits) stretch. You can't expect this guy to come out and blast 45 home runs as a 20-year-old. You can't be disappointed if No. 22 only bats in the .275 range instead of somewhere i ...

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