How Many Championships Has Mariano Rivera Been Worth Single-Handedly?

Posted: 10th November 2009 by Greg Fertel in MLB
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Last week,áRob Neyer challenged someone to find out just how many championships Mariano Rivera has been worth. I was tempted to go ahead and figure it out, but I didn't really have the time or idea on how do it. Rebecca, over atáThis Purist Bleeds Pinstripes, decided to go ahead and take that challenge from Neyer. It may be over 4,000 words, but it is definitely worth a read. Rebecca concludes: When we total up the CONVERTED PREWAR numbers, we get 24.016. That would be, then, 24 wins. Now, letÆs go back and remember our very basic assumption, that it takes eleven wins to win a Championship. Twenty four divided by 11 is, of course, just over two. This means, adjusted to a regular-season scale,áthe Yankees have won two of their last five World Series, potentially for no other reason tha ...

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