Home Runs: The Potion That Turned into a Poison

Posted: 20th September 2009 by Sam Fogelgaren in MLB
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I think it is time that all baseball fans make an assessment of the way the game is looked at statistically. It doesn't take Bill James to figure out that baseball writers and fans put way too much emphasis on home runs.  Think I'm crazy? The next time you're reading an article about a position player, look at the stats the writer gives. I'll bet you a steak dinner (Ken Griffey Jr. style) that the stat line consists of batting average, home runs and RBI. This is something we have simply grown accustomed to doing, giving the amount of home runs. Just imagine how Juan Pierre feels... People have invested way too much in the home run, and it has failed us. Whether it be Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, or Barry Bonds, it turns out that Ty Cobb might have been ri ...

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