Hold Your Horses: Is Derek Lowe Worth What the Talking Heads Are Saying?

Posted: 16th December 2009 by Cameron Britt in MLB
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A couple of days ago when the news broke of an imminent Roy Halladay-Cliff Lee-prospects swap within hours of the Red Sox acquiring John Lackey, a lot of Braves fans (including myself) peeked our heads up thinking that these moves signaled Derek Lowe's albatross of a contract finding its way out of time. And, for me, it still does. Seeing as how he's the only reliable 200 inning guy left out there, it's safe to assume that pitching hungry teams are eyeing him a bit more than guys like Joel Pineiro that have only seen limited stints of success at the big league level. But how much more? Well, if you listen to guys like Ken "I-like-to-make-premature-analysis-so-I-can-'break'-the-story" Rosenthal, you'd think that Lowe's value has shot up to "Adrian Gonzalian" (note the use of a hyperbole)ál ...

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