Great In Eight: Blue Jays New Lose-To-Win Strategy

Posted: 26th February 2010 by John McKibbin in MLB
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I'm not positive, but I think I'm having a nervous breakdown.   My significant other tells me that I've been talking—actually chanting—in my sleep. It's driving her around the bend. Can you imagine what it's like to be awakened from a sound sleep at 3:30AM by an old-age pensioner with swamp breath who's shouting, "WE'RE NUMBER THIRTY! WE'RE NUMBER THIRTY!! WE'RE NUMBER THIRTY!!!"   I've tried to explain to her that it's all Alex Anthopoulos' fault, but she doesn't agree. Worse yet, she's bought in to our dear friend—a retired shrink—Jerry's half-assed free diagnosis of my condition.   Apparently, Jerry told her that I have some sort of deep-seated obsessive-compulsive disorder, the manifestation of which is triggered by major league baseball's competi ...

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