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After several weeks of speculation and ôWill he? or WonÆt he?ö interviews, founder made it official on HBOÆs Joe Buck Liveáthis week: No senate run for Schilling. Before Schilling made his no-run decision final, he made it clear to Boston radio listeners that if he were in, he was in to win.á He wouldnÆt be cowed by pol prognosticators who thought he had no shot.á The only thing that could prevent him was his family.á And in the end, the time in which his run would take him away from his family was the deciding factor. ôI canÆt commit the time,ö said Schilling to WEEIÆs Dennis and Callahan on Thursday morning.á ôIf I wasnÆt going to be able to be æall-inÆ from a commitment stand point, then there was absolutely no way I was going to do it.á Maybe itÆs na´ ...

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Article written by Ben Carder

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