Cleveland Indians: Sizemore’s Blunder Helping Or Hurting Image?

Posted: 3rd December 2009 by Nino Colla in MLB
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It's the quiet ones that you never suspect.

If you asked who is the least likely on the Cleveland Indians to be involved in any sort of public situation unrelated to baseball, Grady Sizemore would probably the last person I'd think of.

Here is a superstar that seeks not to be a superstar. He strives for greatness on the field, but could do without the accolades and attention that comes with it. He doesn't seek out endorsements and if he does have any, they aren't big time sponsors.

In fact I can't really think of anything the guy promotes outside of his charities or things related to the Cleveland Indians. While I'm sure there is something that he endorses, it isn't well known because you aren't overcome with the thought of "Ah Yeah, Grady Sizemore, he does the 5 ...

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