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The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers have a lot in common. Each has a fan base of little or no merit: witness LA's failure to sell out its Game Two NLDS win over St. Louis, even though the Redbirds' fan base travels exceptionally well. Nor are Yankees fans, who have come out in numbers 12.7 percent smaller than last year despite the Yanks' 103 wins, especially worthy of the fruits they now enjoy. (Note: A little less than half of that drop-off can be accounted for by the smaller capacity of the new Yankee Stadium, which is 52,000 and change rather than 56.) Each also has a slugger who spent the first half of the season embroiled in controversy over allegations of steroid use. For the Yankees, of course, thatáplayer is Alex Rodriguez, whose status as the torch-bearer of baseb ...

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