Blue Jays-Red Sox: Roy Halladay Plunks David Ortiz midst Shutout

Posted: 1st October 2009 by Ian Hunter in MLB
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ôIt just got away from me...You don't want to see anybody get hurt, but sometimes those things happen and you move on.ö Roy Halladay is so accurate with his pitches. Even the ones he throws to plunk opposing hitters are delivered with pinpoint accuracy. Knowing how precise Halladay is, there is no way the pitch that hit David Ortiz Wednesday ôgot away from himö and landed on the exact same spot that Jonathan Papelbon plunked Adam Lind the game before. But kudos to Halladay for standing up for his teammates, whether or not Papelbon hit Lind intentionally in the first place.

I guess Billy Wagner was released from the old folks home for a night because he piped up and said the following about what Halladay did to Ortiz: "I donÆt know what theyÆre thinking there," Wagner said afte ...

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