Best-Case Scenario: Milton Bradley

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by Joel Koch in MLB
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Milton Bradley and his contract didn't work out for the Chicago Cubs. Gee, who didn't see that coming? The Cubs want to get out from under Bradley's contract, and pick up something useful in return. They have very little payroll flexibility and need a lot of things, including talent (zing). The best-case scenario for the Bradley saga to end on the north side, while adding a needed piece, exists. Yes, it does, and it exists north of the border. Vernon Wells. Okay, I'll give you a second to get back up off of the floor, either from falling out of your chair in a giant fit of laughter or dropping from shock. Yes, Wells represents the best option for the Cubs. Let's look at this a little more in-depth. Wells is a fly ball hitter, which works well in Toronto. His fly balls turn into doubles, bu ...

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