Baseball’s Stubbornness Is Going To Hurt Them in the Long Run

Posted: 10th October 2009 by Steven Resnick in MLB
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There's one thing in Major League Baseball that it tries to hang on to and that is the human element of the game. Meaning that there are going to be missed calls on the field and fans just have to accept it. Out of all the major sports which include the NBA, NHL, and NFL they all have adapted with the technology and have approved the use of replay in certain situations. In fact, the NFL has the most plays that can be reviewed. Humans make mistakes, there's no doubt about that, but in the NBA, NHL, and NFL they can look at it and make the call right. In baseball, they cannot. Very rarely does an umpire ask for help when they don't have the correct angle on the play. A classic example is a player is tagged out with the glove, but the ball is in the hand of the fielder and not the glove. Ther ...

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Article written by Steven Resnick

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