Arizona Diamondbacks: An Unexpected Bonus

Posted: 11th October 2009 by Jeff Summers in MLB
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I am often asked, "Why do you buy season tickets to the Arizona Diamondbacks?" The questionáusually results in me staring at the askeráwith the same incredulous look that I gave the guy who asked me why I thought it necessary to constantly breathe. I am not suggesting that baseball tickets are as necessary as breathing. Baseball tickets are much more important that that. I've briefly considered having a bumper sticker created that simply states, "You can have my Diamondbacks tickets when you pry them from my cold dead fingers." ThatÆs not necessarily a true statement, though. I plan to disprove the myth that you canÆt take them with you. After all, what kind of God would He be if He didnÆt let you go to a game even if you are dead? If heaven real ...

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