All-Star Idiocy

Posted: 5th July 2010 by Steven Biel in MLB
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The selection of mediocre ninth-inning reliever Matt Capps to the All-Star Game neatly sums up all the major reasons I get annoyed with the whole thing.

First, I really try not to care that much. After all, it's such an obviously flawed process that it seems kinda pointless to fret over each individual misjudgment. Besides, it's just an exhibition. Oh, wait, it's not just an exhibition anymore, is it? Since the All-Star Game determines home field in the World Series, now I'm compelled to care.

My top pet peeve with ASG selections is the bizarre standards, by which the second halves of seasons never, ever seem to matter. If a player has a hot first half, he's an all star, even if everyone knows that he's performing way over his head and will crater any day. Then again, a p ...

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