Alfonso Soriano Could Become the Worst Free Agent Signing in Cub History

Posted: 7th December 2009 by Jack Stentwiller in MLB
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Alfonso Soriano has seen most of his stats diminish everyáyear since his career season with the Nationals in 2006.áBecause he had a decent 2007,áhis first season as a Northsider, someáhaveáargued that his Cubs career, thusáfar, could be described as a wash or even a mild success. His statisticalátrends, however, show that his Cub career has been poor, and is getting worse. Soriano has not been up and down for three seasons, he has been consistentlyádown every year. Here is a list of offensive statistics that have decreased in every year since 2006: Runs, hits, extra base hits, home runs,áOBP, OPS,áand Total Bases. Should this be surprising? Not really. His OBP, Slugging Percentage, and OPS were better than his career average in 2007 and 2008. Before last year's abysmal season, wh ...

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Article written by Jack Stentwiller

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