A Restless Kansas City Royals Ramble

Posted: 25th October 2009 by Josh Duggan in MLB
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As Royals fans, we have very little to talk about right now.á Hell, most of us checked out sometime in June when it had become more than clear that the fast start was a mirage and that the air of respectability we thought was going to accompany the Royals resurgence had been knocked from our lungs.á Regardless, I would imagine that the bulk of Royals fans can only bring themselves to stop by this post-season in random passing glances.á There isn't much joy that can be derived from watching a turncoat left fielder who used to wear Royal blue* try one more time to get a ring in New York.á Was the 75-year-old Matt Stairs a Royal long enough to for us to root for him? *And, yes, I can't remember him ever actually wearing a uniform that was Royal blue, but you know what I mean. No.á Right ...

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Article written by Josh Duggan

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