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All I want to do in my life is to sit in Derek Jeter's private suite at Yankee Stadium. Seriously. That's all I want. What could be better? You get the deep leather seats. The unlimited Premio sausages. The constant face time on YES. The opportunity to make off-color jokes with Jeter's friends. The chance to awkwardly hug Minka Kelly and perhaps inadvertently brush up against her firm buttocks once or twice. It goes on and on. Best of all, sitting in Derek Jeter's private suite would in all likelihood make you a friend or family member, which in turn, must make you a high-caliber individual of some sort. Perhaps I sound a tad sycophantic, or, in regards to Minka Kelly, straight-up creepy, but the love affair between Jeter and Yankees fans has gone to the next level this season. I'm just a ...

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