2009 World Series: Bad News

Posted: 27th October 2009 by Michael Donato in MLB
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As everyone has made light of, this World Series sucks for a Mets fan. Mets fans are pretty split on which side theyÆre rooting for, if you can even call it rooting.á Funny thing is, you see plenty of Yankees fans saying that we should be rooting for them, but I donÆt hear any Phillies fans making that same argument. From Mets Personally, IÆm rooting for the Yankees to lose. I donÆt get any joy, or any more grief no matter what the Phillies do, but the Yankees winning would really irk me. ItÆd blow my theory of them being cursed for knocking down the house that Ruth built, itÆd give even more fuel to the ôJeterÆs the best player everö arguments you hear, as well as the constant reminder about how much theyÆve won. Their eight rings to the Mets two would start to get a ...

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