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Jared Allen, Riding On Favre’s Coattails [Satire]

Posted: 29th September 2009 by Ben Schmit in NFL
Repudiating an Tarkenton-esque existence of shameful embarrassment, Jared Allen today renounced his former bad attitude and finally acknowledged the fact that the Minnesota Vikings are, in fact, for real."I'm the angriest DE in the League. But I was, totally like, 'Favre has got to show himself.' Now I know, I have some catching-up to do," Allen said, after nearly breaking down in tears, following a berating by Twin ...

Slow Starts Should Benefit Minnesota Vikings’ Defense

Posted: 21st September 2009 by Ben Schmit in NFL
After inheriting a team in chaos in 2006, Brad Childress immediately began the fight to turn around an embarrassing franchise. There is little doubt that the team which was the NFL's joke pile in the early years of the new millennium stands in stark contrast to the Minnesota Vikings of 2009. Specifically, the Vikings defense has vaulted from an historically abhorrent ineptness to one of the most feared units on ...