Takin’ a T/O with BT: 10 Injury-Plagued Teams around the NHL

Posted: 23rd October 2009 by Bryan Thiel in NHL
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Injuries are like babies: The minute they happen, everybody thinks theirs is special. That is until the doctor comes in, snips the cord, spanks it on the bottom, and leaves. Then, to the unbiased ear they all sound the same, and to the female eye they're all ridiculously cute and worth at least the next four hours of their time fawning over the infant. Sidenote: Don't take that as jealously towards babies, because I'm not. I like them. If I were Snoop Dog I'd say "Them b-sizzles is fly dawg." It just seemed like a natural place to start off for some reasons. Besides, why would I be jealous of something when I have complete control over my apposable thumbs while it's got to spend the next 10-12 years learning how? I'm already that far ahead. Point, me. Then again, that's exactly what spor ...

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