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A recent survey by Nielsen (the survey company not the Swedish Garage band) presented their audience with the following survey question:
"If you're from Rockford, Peoria or Manitoba, odds are you have several things in common with people from Grand Rapids, Hershey and Abbotsford. What are they?" A. You went to the Junior Prom with someone other than your sister. B. You went to the prom with your sister and accidentally ripped her dress. C. You have a rusted bath tub or an old car in your front yard. D. You skipped your prom to go to an AHL hockey game. Nielsen found that of over 10,000 people surveyed in the towns of Rockford, Peoria, Manitoba, Grand Rapids, Hershey and Abbotsford the percentages broke out as follows: A. 0 percent B. 97 percent C. 100 percent D. 3 percent I have analyz ...

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Article written by Todd Civin

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