Don’t Call It a Comeback: What Was Fleury’s Attempt All About?

Posted: 18th October 2009 by Daniel Sallows in NHL
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Recently I have been having problems sleeping, and this time it's not because I'm wondering how Ron Jeremy has slept with so manyáhot women, but rather the fact I don't know what the whole Theoren Fleury comeback attempt was all about? Did he want to play again, or didn't he? Is anyone else confused? Maybe if Fleury didn't make an impact, score a shoot-out game winner, and score a goal and three assists good for third best on the team I wouldn't be so confused. Who knows, maybe blocking a slap shot with my face and breaking my jaw a few years back did a lot more damage than I had originally thought. Sure Fleury, at times, looked like his legs weren't there, but he was hardly a defensive liabilityáfinishing at +4 which was good for second on the team. One has to think that twenty games in ...

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