Contemplating the NHL Shootout: Should It Change?

Posted: 16th November 2009 by Blake Benzel in NHL
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Many who know me know that there are three hockey blogs that I visit religiously throughout my day. There is my colleague Justin BourneÆsáBourneÆs Blog , Mike RussoÆs Wild Blog, RussoÆs Rants , and the hockey blog, Puck Daddy . á There is a segment on Puck Daddy that runs from time to time called ôPass or Fail.öá Usually my responses on this are contained to the comments portion, however, this is a topic that I feel could not only generate some lively debate, but also be an interesting topic of speculation, as well. á The extent of Mr. WyshynskiÆs point can be found here . á But the culmination of his blog poses two questions. First, should the NHL allow players to have multiple attempts in the shootout at the coachesÆ discretion past the initial rounds? Second, what ...

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