Chemistry 101: Binary Compounds Abound on Bolts’ Roster

Posted: 28th October 2009 by Steve Domino in NHL
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In chemistry, a binary compound isùapparently ùa chemical compound which is made up of only two elements. Your humble contributor, however, wishes to note right up front that he was never any good at chemistry. As such, he shouldn't be regarded as anything like a reliable source on the subject. He is way more comfortable examining concepts of a simpler natureùlike potential pairings on the Tampa Bay Lightning roster. Binary compounds, if you will. Now, if one were attempting to locate a binary compound in hockey, where would one look first? Behind the blue line, maybe? But in front of the crease, right? Bingo. And the reason is pretty obvious: In the NHL, defensemen work in pairs . Exclusively. But, for all of the added attention which gets placed upon defensive pairings in this league, ...

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Article written by Steve Domino

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