Why the Mighty Hath Fallen: A Look at Major NFL Declines in 2009

Posted: 11th December 2009 by Paul Preibisius in NFL
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For every feel-good rise to playoff relevance (see Saints, New Orleans) there is some team from the year before that has taken a fall from grace (see Steelers, Pittsburgh).á But just why does a team with a strong history and good outlook suffer setbacks?á How does the luster fade so quickly?á It is surprisingly easy.á The first team to suffer a drastic turnaround is Tennessee.á Winning five of the last six has thrust them back to respectability, but this season will still be known for the 0-6 start to the year that doomed any realistic playoff chances.á A few key elements led to this team putting more tallies in the loss column by game four than in all of the 2008 regular season. The beginning signs were there in the waning weeks of the 2008 regular season.á The team went 3-3 over t ...

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Article written by Paul Preibisius

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