Why Jim Zorn Won’t Quit

Posted: 20th December 2009 by Anthony Brown in NFL
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The question has been on the lips of Redskin fans and maybe the front office too. With all of the putdowns, insinuations and demeaning treatment, why doesn't Jim Zorn just quit? Becauseáquitting would beáthe worst possible way to get your next coaching job. Yes, Virginia, Jim Zorn has a future as a NFL coach. So, coach Zorn, the heat got too much for you in Washington and you just melted away. Why should I hire you? Pay attention now, people. Nobody quits a covetedájob. Well, almost nobody. Public servants who see their service as a contribution to society may resign on principle. Elliot Richardson did that in 1973. Fewáothers do.á If you doubt this, go look in the mirror. If you've been full time employed for more thanáten years, you've run into that boss you've contended with, job ...

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Article written by Anthony Brown

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