Why Do Refs Help the Offense During Last-Minute Comebacks?

Posted: 25th November 2009 by Ed Cohen in NFL
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Next time you're watching an NFL game in which a team is out of timeouts and trying to score in the last few seconds, watch the officials. Tell me you haven't seen this a hundred times:á An offensive player is tackled inbounds.The quarterback waves frantically for everyone to line up. Tick-tick-tick.... Hurry, hurry! The offensive players race to the line. And so do...the officials! Look at them, middle-age men in zebra suits running around as fast as they can to spot the ball ready for play in the shortest possible time. Why? I mean, what is compelling them to spot the ball any faster than they have during the rest of the game? There can be only one answer:They want to give the trailing team every opportunity they can to catch up.á Think of it this way: At any other point in the game, o ...

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