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Two thoughts come to my mind when I watch Buffalo Bills games. I hear other fans complain about Dick Jauron or Trent Edwards or the defense, and I want to show them a scene from the movie Meatballs. Bill Murray is giving a speech near the end of the movie, and he starts yelling, ôIt just doesnÆt matterö and the rest of the campers and team join in and chant along. As a lifelong Bills fan, I want every other fan to see JauronÆs awfulness and chant, ôIt just doesnÆt matter.ö The Bills' problems are much bigger than any coach or player depth issues. Yesterday, while watching my hometown team playing like South Beach kicked their tails, I came up with an analogy to describe Buffalo fandom. Think of the actor or actress that annoys you the mostùthe one performer that disgusts you while ...

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Article written by Jeff Pencek

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