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I talk a lot of trash and make a lot of jokes (bad ones at that) about the Oakland Raiders. While I do think that they have some scumbag fans, I would never claim that their fan base is any worse than that ofáa lot of other NFL teams. Sure, the Black Hole probably deserves its reputation as a house of ill repute, but every stadium has its share of drunken lunatics with middle school maturity levels. ôI am going to pick a fight with an opposing fan because all of my peers will think I am funny,ö says the foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic. I will never like the Raiders. I think I haveácheered for them twice in my life. However, I would like to see them return to competitiveness. LetÆs face it, the NFL is probably better when the Raiders are playing well. They are one of the elite teams when ...

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Article written by Josh Gilchrist

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