What Happened to the New York Giants?

Posted: 2nd November 2009 by Hot Stove New York in NFL
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The GiantsÆ transformation from an elite NFL team to ineffectual mediocrity is astounding. Against the Saints, the defense was the culprit; against the Cardinals, it was the offense; but yesterday against the Eagles, it was every aspect of the team that was horrible. The Giants are misfiring on all cylinders. Alarms are sounding and people are running to the panic room. Are the Giants in a slump? Or are they a bad team? Whichever the case, theyÆre looking pretty ugly these days, and I mean Oakland Raiders-ugly. Right now, the defense canÆt stop anybody or anything. If a stray dog ran out onto the field, it would run right by the 11 men on defense and score a touchdown. Johnny Damon would go wild against these guys. Not only wouldnÆt they be covering third base, they wouldnÆt cover hom ...

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