What Can 49ers Fans Possibly Expect from Michael Crabtree?

Posted: 7th October 2009 by Michael Erler in NFL
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Now that it appears that the question of ôwhereö as in ôwhereÆs he going to play?ö has been settled in the matter of Michael Crabtree v. San Francisco 49ers, we can move on to more interesting queries. For example, letÆs start with ôwho.ö Who was the brains of the Crabtree-Eugene Parker scheme to bluff the 49ers into offering crazy money or a ôGet Out of Jailö card to some other team with deeper pockets and a wide receiver-friendly offense? My guess all along was Deion Sanders, but now IÆm thinking it might have been MC Hammer this whole time. What, was Lenny Dykstra unavailable? The ôwhyö shouldnÆt be too difficult to figure out, even for homer 49ers fansùit was about the money. With 231 receptions for 3,127 yards and 41 touchdowns in just two collegiate seasons, Crabtree w ...

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