Washington Redskins Fans: There’s No Crying In Football

Posted: 12th November 2009 by Colin Semler in NFL
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One of the most ridiculous things I've ever witnessed in my adult life is a mid-season switch by a football fan.á My buddy, we'll call him Kevin because that's his name, a former Redskins fan, made a mid-season switch to the New York Giants the year they won the Super Bowl. How can he call himself a real Giants fan?á Furthermore, how can he call himself a real man? Yes, the state of the Washington Redskins is abysmal to say the least.á No, there's not much hope in the near future.á But, as Redskins fans flee from fandom like a herd of antelope eluding a pride of lions, they're missing the point of being a fan. It's a roller-coaster ride.á There are ups and downs.á But the agony of defeat only makes the thrill of victory all the more worthwhile. I passed another Redskins fan in the ...

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Article written by Colin Semler

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