Washington Loses Again: Don’t Call It a ComebackùYet

Posted: 9th November 2009 by K. D. James in NFL
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You know it's bad when so far in the season I've been watching most of the Redskins gamesáafter halftime. Sadly, it's either been unbearable for meáto watch a Redskins game at all or it's justábeen tough to stomach an entire 60 minutes of the once-proud franchise. It's been years since the household used to scream at the top of its lungs and yell at players with jersey numbers like 44, 81, 28 or 72. Ah, those were the days. YetáI watched most of Sunday's game, a bit afterákick-off to kneel-down. In the game against the Atlanta Falcons on the road, I saw a spark. A little bit of a fight that didn't last long, but showed thatáthe Redskins are still trying hard to prove that they're not a bunch of roll-over-and-play-dead cream puffs. Nevertheless, at ...

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