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Whenever the Bears come to Minnesota to play the Vikings, my priest likes to tell a story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

After the events of the fairy tale, the Three Bears ran into some marital troubles (evidently, Papa Bear doesnÆt cope well when you mess with his porridge).

Things went from bad to worse, Mama and Papa decided it was time for a divorce (a terrible shame, as my priest would say, but in a post-Vatican II world, what can you do?)

As usual, the real victim here was the kid, and before long, Baby Bear was in front of a judge, who wanted to know which parent heÆd like to move in with.

ôDonÆt send me to my Papa,ö pleaded Baby. ôHe beats me.ö

All right, said the judge, Mama it is.

ôDonÆt send me to my Mama,ö Baby said. ...

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Article written by Marino Eccher

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